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Our pre-conference Energy Camps, taught by industry leaders and professors, allow participants to engage in hands-on activities and gain practical experience in sustainable energy technologies. We hope our 2019 Pre-Conference Energy Camp attendees valued the education and hands-on experience they received. See below to read about the energy camps offered in 2019. Click the button to the left to view the 2019 instructor presentations.

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2019 Energy Camps

Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Introduction to Sustainable Energy is the perfect course for those who have little to no experience with sustainable energy technologies. This introductory course answers the question ‘what is sustainable energy?’ by examining basic energy and electricity concepts, energy sources and energy efficiency topics in the classroom.

Topics include:

  • Tax credits and rebates for renewable energies
  • Electricity
  • Energy sources
  • LEED certification


This course will provide participants with a theoretical and hands-on introduction to biomass and biofuels. Participants will engage in laboratory activities including biodiesel feedstock evaluation and explore the process of biomass gasification and related thermochemical conversions (e.g., pyrolysis and combustion) through hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Topics include:

  • Biomass feedstocks
  • Conversion processes for biofuels
  • Testing of finished biofuel

Solar PV

This hands-on workshop will provide participants with a detailed look at both the technical and environmental aspects of solar energy. Participants will also erect a 3 kW grid tied solar array as part of this energy camp.

Topics include:

  • Solar radiation
  • Site assessment
  • PV system components
  • Economic analysis

Energy Policy and Regulation

The Energy Policy Camp will look at the differences between passing legislation and the administrative action that turn the legislation into rules and programs. Attendees will hear from experts in the field on exactly what it takes to pass or amend a piece of legislation. Attendees will also learn about how regulation is proposed, modified by public opinion, and passed.