Sustainable Energy Fund takes the COVID-19 virus very seriously and we are prepared to take the recommended precautions for the safety and comfort of our Energypath 2021 attendees and participants. Currently, precautions and restrictions have been relaxed by the state of Pennsylvania. As of May 31st, masks are no longer required indoors or outdoors for those who are vaccinated, and social distancing guidelines have been relaxed. However, the following precautions, including mask-wearing, will still be taken at Energypath 2021.

*The precautions below are subject to change as state and national guidelines are updated.

  1. Face masks and coverings will be required at the event. In an effort to protect those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated, we are requiring the use of face masks during the event while indoors. Bandanas, gaiters, buffs, or masks with exhalation valves are NOT acceptable face coverings and will not be permitted for use at the event, as these face coverings have recently been found to transmit droplets into the air. Event attendees and personnel who are unvaccinated and do not have a face mask/covering must leave and cannot return unless they are wearing a face mask/covering.
    Face masks/coverings must:
    • Fit snugly, but comfortably, against the side of the face
    • Be secured with ties, ear loops, or equivalent
    • Cover the nose and mouth properly
    • Include multiple layers of fabric
    • Allow for breathing without restrictions

  2. In-person attendance at the event is currently limited to 112 people. The event will be live-streamed, so attendees can also participate virtually if they are unable or unwilling to attend in person. Given the new recommendations as of May 31, 2021, this in-person attendance number may increase.